• Powder Brows

  • Tired of scrambling for that eyebrow pencil every morning, with only have 5 minutes left to spare before heading out the door? Permanent makeup is the best investment you can make for yourself! Save the hassle, get yourself some smudge proof, sweat proof, natural looking eyebrows that will last you up to 3 years! Our artist has been multi-certified in permanent makeup since 2016, so you're in good hands.

    • Powder/Ombre Brows is perfect for a more “makeup” look
    • Microblading is perfect for a more “natural” hairstroke look
    • Combo Brows is the perfect combination of Microblading strokes in front and a filled in powder look towards the end
    • Lip blush helps perfect symmetry, gives you fuller lips, corrects color and gives you a nice lip blush that lasts 3-5 years
    • Classic eyeliner/lash line enhancement gives your eyes a more defined look and helps your lashes look darker

    Not sure if these are suitable? Contact us to book a consultation.



    • Caffeine and Alcohol (24 hours) blood thinners
    • Exercise day of as it will expand your pores
    • Blood thinning medications such as vitamin e, aspirin, niacin, fish oil and ibuprofen (72 hours)
    • Booking around vacations and events (2 weeks)
    • Botox and fillers in the procedure area (2 weeks)
    • Prolonged sun exposure, sunburns (3-5 days prior)
  • Microblading


    • Pregnant or nursing
    • Eczema, psoriasis, or dermatitis in the procedure area
    • Keloid scarring
    • Autoimmune diseases such as lupus or diabetes can affect healing and the immune response
    • Blood disorders / taking blood thinners due to risk of excessive bleeding
    • Allergies to pigments or topical anesthetics
    • Current infections in the procedure area
    • Chemotherapy or radiation
    • Epilepsy
  • Combo Brows


    • Avoid getting the area wet for 7-10 days or until healed
    • Avoid swimming, saunas, and hot tubs
    • Avoid makeup on the procedure area until fully healed
    • Avoid touching, picking or peeling the area to prevent scarring and uneven pigment
    • Use aftercare ointment provided as needed
    • Avoid sun exposure as it will cause the pigment to fade
    • Avoid gym, exercise or sweating for at least a week as it will interfere with the healing process
    • Gently clean the area and keep it dry
    • Avoid AHAs, BHAs, retinol or any exfoliants on the area
    • Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing the area
    • Protect from dust, dirt and bacteria to avoid infection

    Proper aftercare is crucial for the outcome of your permanent makeup.

  • Combo Brows / Tattoo Coverup


    If you have an existing tattoo, we will require a clear photo sent to info@mblartistry.com to be assessed. No two eyebrows are the same. Here at MBL Artistry, we use the Golden Ratio. The Golden Ratio (Golden Mean) is a fundamental geometric ratio found in almost every aspect of nature including the measurement of our faces.  It has been used throughout history in art, architecture and science. The Golden Ratio is found by dividing a line as a way to create two segments where the smaller of the two sections is proportionate to the larger section as the larger section is to the total length.    

    You will be asked to sign the consent form at your appointment.