Covid Consent Forms are Mandatory for anyone who enters our facility. 

TATTOO Appointments:


The following should be reviewed prior to booking. You will be asked to sign this consent form at your appointment.

Cosmetic Tattoo Procedures:
  • You are over the age of sixteen and that you have truthfully represented to your technician that undergoing this procedure by your choice alone.
  • You are not pregnant nor nursing.You are not under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • You are not using blood thinners or medications that may increase your bleeding.
  • You do not have skin conditions such as severe acne, keloid scarring, eczema, facial psoriasis, keratosis, or moles in the procedure area.
  • You do not have diabetes, a history of hemophilia/abnormal bleeding, hair loss or any medical condition.
  • You do not have any type of rash or infection anywhere on your body.
  • You do not have freckles, moles or sunburn in the procedure area.
  • You do not have any sensitives to dyes or local anesthetics.
  • You will receive aftercare instructions and you agree to follow them. You also agree that if you do not follow the instructions that any touch-up will be at your own expense.
  • You acknowledge that the procedure does not start until you are 100% satisfied with the drawing of your eyebrows.
  • Y󠄂ou acknowledge that you may have an allergic reaction to the pigments or anesthetic cream used and you accept the risk that such a reaction is possible. If you are taking medication and/or have a medical condition that may interact with the pigments or anesthetic cream (lidocaine) it is your responsibility to consult with your doctor prior to booking an appointment.
  • Infection is always possible as a result of the procedure, particularly in the event that you do not follow the proper care following the procedure.
  • You realize that variations in color may exist between the color selected and how it will ultimately look.
  • You realize that tattoo cover ups will need more than just one touch up and that variations in colour will exist.
  • After your procedure you realize that the procedure area will be dark for approximately 6 days and will lighten after. Swelling and/or redness may occur.
  • You are aware that the eyebrows naturally exfoliate in the first month and the color will fade significantly as the skin heals and that this is completely normal.
  • The final result will often not be obtained without returning for a touch up visit to reshape or augment areas within the eyebrow. This is usually done within 5-8 weeks after the initial appointment.
  • Microblading will result in a semi-permanent change to your appearance and no representation has been made to your to ability to later change or remove the results
  • Skin treatments such as laser hair removal, botox, plastic surgery or other skin altering procedures may result in adverse changes to the procedure area.
  • You acknowledge that if you have any medical condition(s) you will need a medical note from your doctor!!
  • You acknowledge that it is not recommended to have someone in the room with you during your appointment. You and your guest may choose to accept the risk of blood borne pathogens but you will advise same prior to the appointment. Please note that due to the risk of blood borne pathogens, eating, drinking, applying cosmetics or lip balms, and handling contact lenses are strictly prohibited in the procedure area.

Lip blush is not recommended on darker pigmented skin as it is 60-70% higher in lipid content with larger sebaceous glands and more prone to lesion formation through follicular impaction, causinh hyper and or hypopigment.

Lip blush is not suitable for those with cold sore outbreaks.

Eyelash Extension Procedures
  • Understand that because of the natural lash cycle and wear and tear, you will need to maintain your extensions with touch up appointments, recommended every 2-3 weeks to keep them full. Touch up/fills must have 40% of the lashes still in tact, if not, it will be considered a new set
  • You are aware that eyelash extensions will not cause your natural lashes to fall out. Your natural lashes have their own life cycle of falling and growing and is not due to having extensions.
  • You understand to keep your eyes closed throughout the entire process as it will affect the procedure.
  • You understand that there are risks associated with having eyelash extensions and further understand that even though your technician performs the service using the proper technique, instruments, tapes, cleaners, eye gel pads, adhesives, removers used may irritate or eyes or cause them to water and blink in excess.
  • You understand that allergic reactions are always possible with any procedure and you accept the risk. Should you require a physician’s followup, it will be at your own expense.
  • You understand and agree to the after care instructions that will be provided by your technician and realize and accept any consequences of failure to adhere to these instructions.
You consent to the technician performing the procedure, and also to any actions or conduct that is reasonably necessary to perform the procedure
If you have the following, our eyelash services are most likely not for you:
  • Allergies or sensitivities to instruments, fumes, tapes, cleaner, gel eye pads, adhesive and removers.
  • History of recurrent eye or tear duct infections.
  • History of dry eyes.
  • Fluttery eyes
  • Recent history of Chemotherapy.